Rose Colored Glasses

Size: 30" x 41"

Fine Art Giclee Print on 1 1/2" Deep Gallery Quality Canvas with Specialty Finish

The Grand Duke Anthony by Jackie Von Tobel is a print of a gentleman in a relaxed pose in a fur-trimmed robe with the face of a tiger.

Rose Colored Glasses is a painting by Jackie Von Tobel, reproduced as a Fine Art Giclee Print, in her Altered Portraits Collection of wall art. Each composition was inspired by the hard-won artisanship of the old masters, though Jackie brings an avant-garde freshness to these pieces of contemporary art using modern design elements.

In poses that emulate the courtiers and landed gentry of a by-gone era, these contemporary conceptualizations of historical portraits will bring a sophisticated grandeur and lush pops of color to a room.

With her vision obscured by a flurry of rose blossoms, the aristocrat in Rose Colored Glasses has a regal bearing. The luxurious satin gown and sash are reminiscent of the wealth of the ancient regime in France and royalty in Great Britain.

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Made in the US