Blinded By The Flight

Fine Art Giclee Print on 1 1/2" Deep Gallery Quality Canvas with Specialty Finish

Blinded by the Flight by Jackie Von Tobel features a gentleman whose vision is obscured by a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

Blinded by the Flight is a painting by Jackie Von Tobel, reproduced as a Fine Art Giclee Print, in her Altered Portraits Collection of wall art. Each composition was inspired by the hard-won artisanship of the old masters, though Jackie brings an avant-garde freshness to these pieces of contemporary art using modern design elements.

In poses that emulate the courtiers and landed gentry of a by-gone era, these contemporary conceptualizations of historical portraits will bring a sophisticated grandeur and lush pops of color to a room. With his vision obscured by a kaleidoscope of butterflies, the gentleman in Blinded by the Flight unfurls his outstretched hand.

The luxe sash pinned with chivalric medals is reminiscent of the wealth of the ancient regime in France and royalty in Great Britain.

To Determine Final Dimensions:

    Poly Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Gallery Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Modern Float - Add 3½ Inches to Width and Height

Please expect three to four weeks for production and one week for delivery.

These times are estimates only.

This is a custom - made to order product - All sales are final

Made in the US

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