Meet Jackie

 Hi! I am so glad you stopped by.

Welcome to my colorful life.  I was born with a creative soul and art has always been my go to skill used to communicate ideas, problem solve, teach, and create beauty in my home and those of my clients and customers.  I infuse art and creativity into every aspect of my life - it is who I am.   After a long and fulfilling career in interior design I began writing books to share my creative vision with my peers in the industry.  I had no idea at the time that I was unlocking a door to my true passion - product design and art.  My books introduced me to the word of surface and pattern design and I was hooked. Since 2010 I have devoted my career to learning the skills needed to design and produce beautiful, happy, on trend, home decor products and art.  The products available on this website and all of my licensed products are the result of that hard work.  
Having found my "happy place" in the industry I have developed a signature style that comes from my loose painterly hand using colored pencils, watercolor and guache, and layers of texture and under-painting.  My style has been describes as "relaxed refinement" but I prefer  
Colorful - Classy - Cool!  
Colorful because I adore color in all of its shades, hues and intensities.  I have a huge color range in my work and I use it  to re-energize classic patterns and bring them back to life.  Fun Fact - I own over 600 colored pencils in every shade under the sun and I use them all.
Classy because my designs are all rooted in my love for
classical and historic motifs and my global travels searching for inspiration. I enjoy working with traditional motifs and re-imagining them in my relaxed and colorful style. Fun Fact - I am obsessed with chinoiserie and toile and it is my mission to bring sexy back for both of those motifs.
Cool because I travel constantly to all major design trade-shows and markets to keep abreast of trends and I take time to research what consumers are looking for.  Armed with this information I make decisions on motifs, colors, materials, and then execute them in my relaxed painterly style that gives them an updated and lively spirit that looks new but at the same time familiar.  Fun Fact - I have created 73 boards and pinned over 8,200 images on my Pinterest page as inspiration for my work - I am addicted.  

Other Stuff I Do 

Award Winning Interior Designer and Artist
Award Winning Product Designer
Bestselling Author
Leading Industry Expert
Sought After Speaker
Educator and Mentor
Co-Founder of Soft Design Lab



Design is much more than just a job for me, it is the force that drives everything I do.  I am happiest when I am creating whether that means painting, sketching or working on a new product design. My creative life is what keeps me alive and passionate and I love to share that creativity with others. Life is better when you take time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us everyday.