Behind The Veil II

Fine Art Giclee Print on 1 1/2" Deep Gallery Quality Canvas with Hand Applied Brush Stroke Finish

 This stunning old master portrait of a beautiful 18th century regal lady is embellished with a smoky background and an intricate hand painted lace veil that binds her to her world and prevents her from entering ours.  We can glimpse at her but can never really know what takes place in her painted life.  Wouldn't you love to know more about her?  I would!

To Determine Final Dimensions:

    Poly Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Gallery Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Modern Float - Add 3½ Inches to Width and Height

Please expect three to four weeks for production and one week for delivery.

These times are estimates only.

This is a custom - made to order product - All sales are final

Made in the US