Bohemian Blossoms II

Fine Art Giclee Print on 1 1/2" Deep Gallery Quality Canvas with Specialty Finish

Bohemian Blossoms II is a print by Jackie Von Tobel with light gray and pale brown flowers swirling and delicately rendered.

Bohemian Blossoms II is a painting by Jackie Von Tobel, reproduced as a Fine Art Giclee Print, in her Bohemian Blossoms Collection of wall art. Inspired by the beautiful floral paintings done by the Dutch Masters during the 17th and 18th Centuries, the compositions in the Bohemian Blossoms collection have been drawn from over thirty paintings and meticulously given a more contemporary feel with digital imaging.

Each painting takes many hours of painstaking work to complete, as these lush florals sometimes have to be constructed petal by petal. You’ll see references of the work of Jan van Huysum and Rachel Ruysch in this series that includes Bohemian Blossoms II with its light gray and pale brown flowers.

The blossoms seem to be swirling in spite of the fact they have been so delicately rendered. This piece of wall art can be paired with Bohemian Blossoms I for a wonderful diptych.

To Determine Final Dimensions:

    Poly Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Gallery Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Modern Float - Add 3½ Inches to Width and Height

Please expect three to four weeks for production and one week for delivery.

These times are estimates only.

This is a custom - made to order product - All sales are final

Made in the US