Make Love Not War

Fine Art Giclee Print on 1 1/2" Deep Gallery Quality Canvas with Specialty Finish

Make Love Not War is a print by Jackie Von Tobel featuring a decorated military man à la Napoleon holding a rose and a love letter.

Make Love Not War is a painting by Jackie Von Tobel, reproduced as a Fine Art Giclee Print, in her Social Commentary Collection of wall art. In these portraits, she is exploring the hot-button issues of today that are not so different from those in the past.

Using elements from classic paintings, and adding new imagery and dialogue, she sheds light on contemporary life which leads the viewer of the work to draw their own conclusions.

The decorated military man à la Emperor Napoleon festooned with chivalric medals holding a rose and a love letter gives away his modern make-up by donning his black sunglasses. Jackie brings an avant-garde freshness to this historical portrait composed on a sky-blue background swirling with clouds that makes it a powerful piece of contemporary art.

To Determine Final Dimensions:

    Poly Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Gallery Float - Add 1½ Inches to Width and Height

Modern Float - Add 3½ Inches to Width and Height

Please expect three to four weeks for production and one week for delivery.

These times are estimates only.

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Made in the US